Kasey / Organism

by Blood.

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released 04 September 2013



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Blood. Montreal, Québec

4 people from a canadian cosmopolis, carrier waves in flux, in response to loves radio silence + additional words..... Oh- and like us on facebook/bloodsongs

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Track Name: Kasey
Hey! Love, lily white legs
I'm looking for a kiss tonite tensions at a height, help me make it right.
Raise your lily white hands, try to act as tho you ever could have made a difference.

Nearly crushed to death in the pocket of his velvet suit
My skin of marble bitten by his molten tooth
He told me so Himself god won't go anything for you.

Do you know, or understand pain indistinguishable from pleasure
In your command
Oh to feel my cheek held warm and sweet by the lily white light of your beloved hand

A psychotropic cake on Parisian carpet sea fence
We are on a one way path to one way path to world peace cuteness.

Raise dawn, tucking my head back into my parka wing
The last thing that I see before I sleep is a pile of my friends.
Track Name: Organism
Tho many times bitten, and forever shy, I struggle to find a reason to let love slide
While we've done fine love, in each others space
If we should part I'll hide a memory of your face

In the Ebb and in the flow of everything
We'll hide to stay
and We'll have today, my love, we'll always have today

In isolation lies over- exposure to oneself
So take a page from this, try indulging in something else
Find someone who's worth your time and treat them honestly
as bridges crumble and crack and divide an splash into the sea,
Into the sea

We heard you calling from outset space
Love did you happen to look our way?
And know we've been indulging in each others strengths
If we should part I own a memory of your face